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Welcome to our Merchandise Guide! Here you will find information that everyone needs to know. Being a huge fan of anime, Japanese Music Japanese Movies and Asian entertainment in general I know how hard it is to find the products that you are looking for. I also know easy it is to accidentally buy a bootleg or pirated item that seemed like the real deal. So here you will be given the proper info on how to spot a bootleg, a list of known bootleg company names and a list of places that I KNOW have the real products that you can trust.

I can already hear the argument from some over the bootlegs being cheaper to buy, but that is NO excuse! You have little idea, obviously, of the kind of people your money is supporting when you buy these things. Besides that, if you like the people that make these products so much then show them your support and buy from ones who CREATED IT. With today's technology there is absolutely no reason for the need of bootlegs. If you are going to do the wrong thing and not support the artist then be wrong in a way that the criminals are not being supported financially. You know what I am talking about, I am sure of it. While I do not condone downloading other than for sampling purposes I do feel if you are going to do wrong then you may as well be doing it in a way the criminals do not get paid. However a real fan will support those they like in one way, shape or form whenever they can and this guide is to arm you for that.

Use the menu on the right hand side to navigate the different sections of the guide. It is split up to be of the most use in as easy a way as possible.