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If you are looking for news then you have come to the right place. We often offer news daily in a variety of areas such as Anime, Video Games, and Japanese/Asian Music. So what do you have to loose? Go now, check it out, keep yourself informed and join in on the discussion. It's entertaining and 100% free.

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  • 4/05/2012

    Today's update has hit the Voice Actor section. Crispen Freeman's Anime Credit's have been update to include more current works.

    *update* - fixed a few minor issues as well as reuploaded a page that had corrupted on the server.

  • 4/02/2012

    Back to updating again. Today the Buck-Tick Discography was updated. Keep checking back since more is on the way.

    We are also currently fixing an issue that was causeing certain pages to stick or load slow. Most of the issue has been delt and the last few pages with be fixed shortly. *update* - all fixed

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I would like to personally welcome you to the Anime Fountain. As you can see its dedicated to Anime, Voice Actors, Video Games and Asian Music. Since that covers such a huge selection the Anime Fountain will constantly have room to evolve and expand. So Keep checking back for new additions as they will hopefully be added often. Enjoy your look around and invite your friends to check it out!

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