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This section is for, as you guessed, video games. As time goes by more and more games will be featured in this section. All games currently included on this site are listed below. Since this section is just getting started it may seem small for a while. It will grow in time though I assure you.

Each section contains a brief summary on the game story with maybe some game play thrown in for spice. Also the main characters will be included and gone over on pages of their own. Additions may be made to these sections over time as not every character may seem important enough to be included with the sections launch. But hey, there is no rules that say we can not add them in after the fact.

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy VI
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
MediEvil II
Ratchet and Clank
Star Wars: Knights of the old republic
Twisted Metal 2
Twisted Metal Black
Twisted Metal Head-On